is a regional accepted standard for occupational safety & health management systems to improve safety during risky activities. This standard was developed in the Caribbean and is certifiable for all companies that deal with hazardous work in a hazardous environment. The Caribbean Safety Standard is managed by the Caribbean Health & Safety Foundation with the aim to monitor the quality and continuity of the standard.

Bonaire Hydrotest and Maintenance BV

In July 2015 Bonaire Hydrotest and Maintenance (BHM) certified for the Caribbean Safety Standard.
BHM sells and services Fire Extinguishers and Fire suppression systems and hydrotest and services all types of cylinders like Scuba steel and aluminum, oxygen, SCBA, CO2, industrial, fire extinguishers related equipment.....see site http://bhmbv.com Read more...

Quality Rentals Tools & Equipment

In August 2015 the Caribbean Health & Safety Foundation awarded the 2000th person a Basic Safety Certificate. The certificate was given to Nigel Bonafastia, an employee of Quality Rentals Tools & Equipment NV on Curacao. The 2000th certificate is a milestone where the Caribbean Health & Safety Foundation can be proud of. The Basic Safety Training is mandatory to meet the requirements of the Caribbean Safety Standard, a norm (guideline) for implementing a safety management system in the Caribbean region.
see: facebook quality rentals curacao

Rotech Elektrotechniek on Aruba and W.G. Trapenberg Air Conditioning Services on Curacao certified

Both companies started the implementation traject medio 2012 and got their certificate in juli 2013. Congratulations!

Electrical training, examination and certification

May 2013: HVST and BEPECT joined the Caribbean Health & Safety Foundation.

HVST and BEPECT are specialized in training, examination and certification of electrical appointed personnel following the international Standard EN 50110 “Operation of electrical installations”.


Occupational Health & Safety Posters....

.....for all kinds of locations. The differrent circumstances and risk areas will be depicted. The Caribbean Health & Safety Foundation will issue the posters. Contact us!


300 employees of WEB Aruba N.V. got trained

In October and November 2012 about 300 employees of WEB Aruba N.V. followed the Caribbean Basic Safety Training with supplementary company regulations.


Polytechnisch Ingenieursbureau N.V. (PIB)

On May 14 and 15 May 2012, PIB was audited for ISO9001:2008 and also audited for the Caribbean Safety Standard in order to get certified. The audit was completed in a very positive manner, so PIB got their certificate


W.G. Trapenberg Air Conditioning Services N.V.

is a professional company for designing, installing, servicing and repairing Air Conditioning Systems.

Director Wim Trapenberg declared that he wants good labour conditions for all his employees and recognized the importance


The return on prevention

"Occupational safety and health (OSH) programmes benefit employees by preventing work accidents and occupational illnesses. Although essential to the social security of workers, even the best compensation and rehabilitation programmes


Implementation traject for Rotech Installatietechniek on Aruba

Knowing the (upgoming) regulations on Aruba and their new customers, Rotech Installatietechniek wants to implement an occupational safety and health management system according the Caribbean Safety Standard.