Several trainings are developed for organizations in the Caribbean to train employees about possible safety and health risks surrounding their work.

Improving the safety performance can be achieved by safety-related training for all employees, aiming to increase the knowledge, skills and awareness of safety risks. Therefore good training and proper instructions are so important in preventing accidents and incidents, particularly in hazardous work.

During the basic training the responsibilities of organizations and employees in safe and healthy working are made clear. Safety is an interplay between employer and employee. Every employer can emphasize the importance of safe and healthy work by being certified under the Caribbean Safety Standard, CSS2009. Employees within the certified organizations may assume that attention through training and education also aims at continuously improving working conditions.

The occupational health strategy will be shown with every topic in the training (see the attainment of at the download page). This means that the possible risks are inventoried from the perspective of the activities and that measures are to be appointed in the following order:

  • preventing the risks at the source
  • taking collective measures
  • taking individual measures
  • providing personal protective equipment
  • preventing escalation if things went wrong (emergency response)

After completion of a training a recognized certificate is issued. Also, the certificate with the unique number will be registered in the public database.

Several recognized trainings can be attented at an organization recognized by the Caribbean Health & Safety Foundation.

 for access to the attainment of the trainings see the download page
 for the registration database of the regognized safety trainees go to:  trainees
 for finding a recognized organization go to:  recognized organizations

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